What is vTiger?

Ever since 2004, the vTiger CRM app has very quickly become one of the most popular Customer Relationship Management platforms to choose from. It’s available at zero cost, and it’s translated in over 15 languages and it has iOS and Android apps, to enable you to be in charge of everything through your smart phone or tablet.

The vTiger CRM system is built to enable you to be in charge of everything related to enterprise from a single place. It could be the central hub for the items and catalog, it will support you with your promoting efforts, it will help you make contact with clients, it can make reports, etc. Best of all – it can automatise those things for you, so you won’t need to do them by hand all of the time, helping you save important time.

vTiger is a trademark of Vtiger Systems India Private Limited and is not affiliated with JAZZSPEED HOSTING (JAZZ SOLUTIONS PTE LTD).

vTiger–Optimized Linux Shared Hosting Services

Using the vTiger Linux shared hosting service, you will have your CRM (Customer relationship management) web application installed in a moment. All you have to do is choose vTiger on the web app drop–down navigation menu on the sign–up form and we’ll deploy your vTiger copy while setting up your account. In this way you can start automating your key corporation tasks immediately after the sign–up procedure has been finalized.

Each and every vTiger Linux shared hosting deal is configured for you for free and features a 99.9% server uptime warranty. Our company offers a 24x7 support service, and if you are unhappy with its quality for any reason whatsoever, you should be aware of the 30–day money–back warranty.

A Point & Click Site Control Panel

For our vTiger Linux shared hosting packs, we have designed a cutting–edge control panel interface, developed by us to suit the requirements of our clients and then to work flawlessly with JAZZSPEED HOSTING (JAZZ SOLUTIONS PTE LTD)’s custom Linux shared hosting platform. By reason of this, JAZZSPEED HOSTING (JAZZ SOLUTIONS PTE LTD)’s Site Control Panel functions quicker and it’s also safer in comparison to any other hosting control panels.

In your control panel you’ll find loads of free–of–charge software tools and bonuses which can help you for your website. You can use the Web Stats tool, which starts operating when your website goes on the world wide web, no configuration needed. Feel free to use JAZZSPEED HOSTING (JAZZ SOLUTIONS PTE LTD)’s Sitemap generator to instantly create a new sitemap for your web site with just a click. Always use the array of Site Accelerator Programs to significantly enhance your web site.